Thirty-something, I think…

It’s that time of year again, yup it’s my birthday. I must say this year has a cool number pattern
10-11-12 maybe that means this year will be a good one. Well I must try to believe that! Birthdays for me have always been such an exciting time. I love any excuse to celebrate. Any excuse. Life’s too short, I believe more fun is always needed. All work and no play can make anyone go insane. But when I hit that 30 number, I was still excited for my birthday, but not so excited for the candles, or the wonderful question of, ” How old are you now? ” for some strange reason after my magical 33 birthday I seemed to stop counting, and honestly can’t remember. For the last 24 hours I’ve been arguing with my hubby if I’m actually 35, 36 or 37… Then he was like do the math, and I was like I don’t want to! I rather believe I’m 25 like my 8 year old son seems to believe, anyways your only as old as you act, and I think I pretty much act like a giant kid most of the times. So I guess I’m young at heart.

I had a wonderful day. So blessed with all those around me, and even those so far away from me.

Love you all and good night! Till next year when I’ll still be thirty something.


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  1. Xed says:

    Happy 30 something birthday 🙂

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