Prentending to tolerate other people is exhausting.

Why is it there are those people, or that specific someone that makes you want to raise your middle finger every time they speak to you? Ironically it doesn’t have to be a complete stranger, someone you work with or someone who seems to be always in your path. Sometimes it can simply be a loved one. In that in itself is disturbing. Yet we, as a human race seems to trek on and avoid sometimes the unavoidable confrontation of a fight or something much larger scale in order to remain sane and control your life surroundings. Weather its for your family, children or business, or sometimes all three. So then I can honestly can say pretending to tolerate other people is exhausting. Yet we all do it for some reason to get by, but then I wonder when is enough, enough? When does my alter ego kick in?

On that note, I have this photo I love, that I want to enlarge and frame one day.

I am not sure where this picture came from, or who took it, it was sent to me by a friend right after the Egyptian Revaluation and I found it to be a head on. I love the fact that someone is screaming life is beautiful, when in fact the words itself look harsh and disturbing and not beautiful at all. So who ever out there took this picture, and who ever painted the mural, its lovely, and for some reason I always look at it when I feel out of sorts.



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  1. Xed says:

    I totally know what you mean about giving that middle finger. There are days when I want to give it to several people. 🙂 And yes, tolerating people is extremely exhausting but you know we can always resort to the bomb over Cairo theory; get rid of those annoying, pesky people and keep the ones we love 🙂 Or you can come live with me.

    1. I’ll take the last option. Knock, Knock.

      1. Xed says:

        Who’s there? 😛

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