Sunday is my Friday, TGIS!

For most people Friday is a sense of relief, hence the saying TGIF. That’s where TGIS comes in. I’m always so excited when its 7:45 am on a Sunday morning. Most people wouldn’t think anything would be exciting at 7:45 am on a Sunday morning, but for me it means rest, peace, tranquility and my day off.

Being a baker and running my own ridiculous cupcake and custom cake business, (Which till today I’m not sure how I got sucked up into the world of sugar, fondant and buttercream). Not to mention the ridiculous amount of Barney figures I’ve had to make over the years. Weekends for me are ridiculously crazy. Thursday, Friday and Saturday are just pure insanity. Don’t mind the hundreds of cupcakes surrounding me, or the gallons of buttercream whisking away, or the overflow of cakes all around, add in two energizer bunnies, family responsibilities and a truck load of housework and you have my life in a nutshell.

I am always so happy at 7:45 am on Sunday. All the orders are done, the stress of the weekend is gone, kids are at school, husband at work, leaving me to my lonesome self to enjoy the peace and quiet. I know it will only last for today, as I gather and start working on all the up coming orders for the following weekend, but still it’s my time, and for a brief moment I feel relaxed and rested and enjoy the smell of the coffee I made for myself as I read, write or do whatever it is I please. 20121111-103422.jpg


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