Thankful for Thanksgiving.

It’s amazing how a small act, like preparing Thanksgiving dinner can make the crappy week turn into a special week. Obviously in the western world, thats what it does. Thats what Thanksgiving is, special. I remember having a weekend cram packed with family and friends visits, outings and of course shopping. Many of my friends used this long weekend to put their christmas tree up and get ready for the Christmas season.

Here in Cairo, its one of the holidays that most people don’t know anything about, and very few celebrate. I mean they celebrate Halloween here minus the trick or treating if that makes any sense at all. Get a turkey and feed people, they don’t understand that holiday? Its what Egyptians do best! Feed each other! I do understand though, if you didn’t grow up with it, wouldn’t make much sense anyways. I don’t want my kids to be that way, not to know it, not to understand it, its such a beautiful holiday. I love everything about it. Family and friends gathering over a delicious meal, with specific plates that are traditions to make, and to take the time out in a crazy schedule, and pause because you have to cook the turkey. I love it. I wasn’t going to miss it this year, as last year i was stuck doing 6 wedding cakes, 127 custom cupcakes, and 10 birthday cakes. I was somewhat of a crazy individual and it was a miracle my kids were fed and went to school on time that week. So of course, had no time to pause and cook a turkey. So this year, when my daughter was like, Mom, your going to make us Thanksgiving this year, right, because last year you forgot. I was dumbfounded. Of course they don’t remember the 4 thanksgiving prior to that, they remember the one year I didn’t. So I made it a point to make it happen. Even though this is moving week for my new bakery, and I’m between plumbers, painters, electricians, customers and baking. We don’t get the long 4 day weekend, hell Thursday is a work day. I didn’t care. I frantically ran around Cairo, trying to find all the fixings for the special meal. It took me forever to find a reasonable size turkey, all the ones i was finding as like 30 LB, hence Egyptians loving feeding large groups of people. But we were going to be 6 at most, I was lucky enough to find a small 9 LB frozen Turkey. I was ecstatic, and quickly called my friends to confirm they had no choice but to come eat with me as I created this ridiculous feast for a party of 6. Only to find out my husband was going to be stuck with the electrician and not be able to show. Seriously?! Oh well, at least I made cornbread.

Oh well, the meal was made, determined to enjoy it, it was delicious, the kids were so happy to be eating marshmallows with their turkey (Candied Yams). My friends who came, have never had Thanksgiving and were delighted with the whole event, we spent the night sitting on the balcony with our bellies stuffed and calling our missing Sugar Cube who moved so far away, just to feel she was joining. I completely forgot about all my stress and cakes , as I devoured my Pumpkin Pie. It was a A+ evening, and I vowed to make it an annual tradition in Cairo.


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