Its a give and take kinda of thing.

New Year, New Resolutions, 21 days late :)

Well its a New Year 2013, welcome. Please be kind. I really rather not think of all the crap that 2012 gave us. But I guess it gave us some good too. Always look at the glass half full. Even though its easier to look it half empty.

2012 GAVE ME A NEPHEW :) but it put my mom back on chemo, but it also gave me my first cupcake store, but also moved my dearest friend to an another continent. 2012 gave me a lot, and took a lot. But that’s how it goes. Its a give and take kinda of thing.

Ive been wanting to post for 21 days now, I can’t believe it took 21 days for me to sit, unblock my head and write. I guess I’d like to thank the 2012 for the flu it gave me. And glad that I started 2013 with Antibiotics. Maybe that means I’ll be less likely to get sick, I’d like to believe that anyways.

And like any year, I start with the same resolutions. I usually start out strong, but the wish list for myself ends up crumbling under the pressure of all others demands.

Let’s see if 2013 will be any different. There is always hope!



2 thoughts on “Its a give and take kinda of thing.

  1. Thank you for writing “Its a give and take kinda of
    thing. | Cupcake In Cairo” Roller Shades . I personallymight
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    I am grateful, Valentina

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